Fact file
HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language
It's fun
You need patience for it

Coding is making a technical device do something
It all started when Charles Babbage invented the computer
Then people like Ada Lovelace or Tim Berners-Lee started to "upgrade" the computer

HTML is one type of coding, which is my favourite
But, there is also scratch or microbit
Once you get the hang of it, it is after all easy
Here is a simple video on how to do HTML:

Click here for microbit editor page

Click here for scratch editor page

Every microsoft computer uses Notepad++ to make HTML


Every apple computer uses Text Edit to make HTML

Computer Class
How to get better at computers and look good using them

Select a part to copy and press Control(ctrl) + c = copy.
Then press Control(ctrl) + v = paste.
Hold your right pinky on the shift button to quickly get capital letters.
Get used to where the keys on the keyboard are.

Click here for a website I found useful for my computer skills